General Anesthesia in a Hospital Setting

Winchester Pediatric Dentist

When dental treatment cannot be performed in the traditional dental office setting, alternative forms of treatment delivery must be considered.

At times, children may require treatment in a hospital setting under sedation using general anesthesia. Typically, this is an option only if your child has an extensive treatment plan, is very young or has a specific medical condition that prevents other treatment options.

The anesthesia is delivered in a hospital setting by a medical anesthesiologist. This allows for increased patient safety, having one practitioner administering the anesthesia and monitoring the patient while Dr. Agarwal or another board certified pediatric dentist performs the dental treatment. This type of anesthesia is the same as when a child requires sedation for other common procedures such at tonsillectomies and placement of ear tubes.

A comprehensive examination is required to determine if your child is a candidate for dental care under general anesthesia.

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