Winchester Pediatric Dentist | 4 Ways for Your Child to Have a Successful Dental Examination

Pediatric Dentist Winchester

Juggling your child’s dental appointment between school, sports, and other activities can be a real challenge. Your child can also make it difficult if they are hungry or anxious. Follow these steps to make your child’s next visit to our office a successful and pleasant one.

Feed Your Children

Kids can get irritable and grouchy if they are hungry. Allow your child to have a small snack before their appointment. If they can, they should brush beforehand so that the food they just ate is not still in their mouth when our dentist sees them. Dr. Mary Hayes of the American Dental Association also suggests a small snack if your child gags frequently at the dentist. Swallowing can help your child control gagging.

Schedule Carefully

It can be tempting to schedule your child’s appointment right after school, or jammed between other events. Choose a time of day when your child will be ready and not rushed. This is especially important if you know that the visit will include more than a standard dental examination.

Keep Your Anxiety in Check

Anxiety can be a significant deterrent for certain children visiting the dentist. Our office works hard to create a welcoming, safe, and comfortable environment for all children and their families. Your child will take behavioral cues from you, so keep your own stress level and anxiety in check. Remaining in control is one way you can help your child remain confident during a visit.

Watch Your Child Throughout the Year

To make sure your child’s next visit is successful, make sure they are keeping up with their oral health year-round. For young children, supervise them to make certain their brushing habits are correct. As your child grows and adds teeth, they can miss areas they aren’t used to brushing. If they practice good brushing and flossing habits throughout the year, they decrease their risk of developing decay, making their next visit to our office easier and less time-consuming.

It can be challenging to ensure your child has a positive dental examination, but follow these steps to make sure your next visit is simple and successful. A hungry child can make for a difficult guest, so be sure to have a snack. Don’t forget to keep your own feelings and behavior positive to give your child confidence. Emphasize good brushing and flossing habits at home, and your next visit will reflect that. We look forward to seeing you and your child at their next visit.